Decoding NSE’s Last Three Years’ Performance in the Grey Market

National Stock Exchange(NSE), India’s leading stock exchange, is also a reliable unlisted company from a growth perspective. In the last three years, NSE’s performance in the grey market remained exceptional and provided investors with a higher return on investment than the other companies. 

For retail investors looking to buy unlisted shares of NSE, it is vital to have an overview of NSE’s financial performance in the last few years. It helps you get an overview of NSE unlisted share price changes and other metrics. In this blog, we will share the past three years of National Stock Exchange performance in the grey market.

Current Valuation of NSE in the Unlisted Shares Market

Before we move to the NSE performance in the last three years, let’s take an overview of its current valuation in the grey market. Being a prominent stock exchange in India, NSE has a fully integrated business model that includes trading services, exchange listing, market data feeds, indices, clearing and settlement services, etc. These are the mediums through which NSE generates revenue and decides its market valuation.

For investors, it is interesting to know that NSE is not yet listed and provides its unlisted shares for trading in the grey market. As per the recent market data, the value of NSE outstanding shares as of 31 March 2023 was approx Rs 50 crore. Also, NSE share price today is Rs 3550 crore. According to the updated financials, the current valuation of NSE in the unlisted shares market is 1,92,000 crore. 

In the last three years, NSE’s valuation increased by 3x, which is also due to the increase in NSE unlisted share price, revenue, and PAT. A positive growth in the financial metrics makes NSE one of the undervalued companies for investment.

NSE Financial Performance in the Last 3 Years

Undoubtedly, the last three years in the grey market for NSE remain one of the best since its inception. It has emerged as a top-performing stock exchange and attracts a large number of retail investors due to the consistent growth of NSE share price. In the last year, NSE unlisted share price consistently performed despite the bad performance of pre-IPO stocks of other companies.

As per the fresh market data, the NSE share price today is Rs 3550 per equity share. However, the price changes depending on the grey market conditions, company performance, and other factors. Let’s see the performance of NSE in the last three years:

FY 2020-21

In the financial year 2022-21, NSE recorded growth in revenue, EBITDA, PAT, and other metrics. According to the financial report shared by the NSE, it earned a total revenue of Rs 6,202 crore in FY20-21, while it was Rs 3,896 crore in FY 2019-20.

The company’s EBITDA was 4,718 crore with a PAT of Rs 3,573 crore. Apart from this, NSE also recorded financial metrics like OPM(76%), NPM(58%), and equity per share(72).

FY 2021-22

NSE recorded a positive growth in its revenue, PAT and other financial metrics in the FY 2021-22. The total revenue generated by the company this year was Rs 9,500 crore, with a PAT of Rs 5,198 crore. NSE also showed a positive EBITDA of Rs 7,069 crore in this financial year. In addition, the company’s other metrics, like OPM, EPS, and NPM, remained at 74%, 55%, and 104.95 respectively. If we compare all these financial metrics with the previous year, we can notice NSE growth in the grey market.

FY 2022-23

In the recent financial year, NSE again elevated its business growth and proved itself an undervalued company. The total revenue earned by the company was Rs 11,586 crore, with PAT of Rs 7,356 crore. In addition, the EBITDA of NSE remained Rs 9,631 crore.

The other financial metrics like OPM, EPS, and NPM showed the numbers 81.23%, 148, and 57%. 

From the above data, it is clear that NSE showed impressive growth in the last three years. Each financial metric clearly depicts the grey market’s positive performance. It is the reason NSE unlisted share price increased and makes it one of the best-performing pre-IPO stocks.

Predicted Future Growth of NSE in the Grey Market

The future growth of NSE will depend on the various factors from which the company’s performance is prominent. Since the company will also look to expand its services and work towards its IPO plans, we can expect a substantial growth of NSE in the grey market.

From an investment perspective, you should look at various factors like NSE share price history, total cash burn, the company’s latest partnerships, and much more to make an informed decision. We recommend you dig deep into the NSE financials of present and previous financial years.

If you find this process complex, you can use online trading platforms like Stockify. There, you will get access to updated NSE unlisted share price, financial reports, and guidance from unlisted share brokers. Buy unlisted shares of NSE and get future benefits as an investor.