Necessary features of event registration and ticketing platform

Necessary features of event registration and ticketing platform

Every event planner knows that choosing the right event registration and ticketing platform can play a major role in the success of any event. A good registration system can streamline the process of ticketing and registration and can increase the attendance of your event. If the platform is not user-friendly, then it can make the attendees go away, which can result in the failure of the event. Modern technology has made it easier for the event registration platform to streamline the process and with more effective solutions. This is why there is an increasing demand for these new registrations and ticketing platforms. With the right tools, you can host a successful event with improved attendance experience and satisfaction.

In this blog, we will look at the features of the event registration and ticketing platform that are necessary in order to host a successful event.


The first and most important thing that should be looked for is whether the platform is user-friendly or not. Since you will be spending time on the platform, you need to make sure that it is simple and easy to use. Before selecting the event ticketing platform, make sure that you test it and how can it make the workflow more streamlined. So that you can accomplish your goals and can make the process easier. Such as collecting the registration forms, payments, and ticketing. Also, think about the attendee’s view if he is able to work easily with the platform or not, as they want a seamless experience.

Mobile Friendly

This is an important feature to look for when you are searching for an event registration and ticketing platform. Because it is necessary for it to be compatible with a mobile event appso that you can access the dashboard anytime you need to. And also the attendees can access all the information related to the event and can get engaged through it. The mobile-friendliness of the platform can help to provide all the necessary information about registration and ticketing. You can have access to all the data and can keep track of all this information to analyze the report.

Marketing Functionalities

Marketing or promoting your event is the best way to boost attendance for the event. Through this, you can grab the attention of the audience much more effectively. So, choose a ticketing and event registration platform that can make it easier to promote your event. Or the platform should integrate with other platforms that can be used for marketing tools. It should be easy to embed your ticketing and registration page on the website and emails along with social media posts. A platform that can sell tickets via your marketing channels with ease and as seamlessly as possible. No matter with event apps, as an event planner you need to be focused on creating campaigns that can build FOMO among the audience.


As an event planner, you must be hosting different types of events on each and every scale. Like a conference, or it can involve multiple types of events, and your registration and event ticketing platform can include attendees, sponsors, speakers, etc. So the platform that you will be selecting should be able to determine the needs of all the involved parties and event types. Customization is the most important feature to look for in your event app or other platform because with this you can cater and host a seamless event. By giving the best possible experience along with your event’s branding, logos, color scheme, and more. You can even customize your event registration forms for each attendee to enhance the experience.

Security and Safety

Data and privacy are an increasing concern that should not be neglected for the event attendees. When they are using the event registration platform for the event they will be entering their details that can be a concern for their safety and security. So the platform should be able to provide enhanced data encryption, two-factor authentication, and more. To enhance the security of the platform, this is important to look for while selecting the platform. Most of the concerns that arise are related to payment, so the platform should have the ability to meet and exceed key security requirements. And the ability to manage refunds and payments even if it is a mobile event app, it should provide this enhanced security.

Data Analysis

Event registration and ticketing platform should be able to provide enhanced data and information analytics. Because it is important to calculate the ROI of the event and get all the information about the registrations and ticketing. It can help you to know whether the event was a success or not, so it is necessary to obtain this data and information about your event CRM.


There are multiple event registration and ticketing platform available that can be used to streamline the process. With the advancement of technology, these platforms have also evolved in order to give more enhanced and streamlined solutions along with integrations with other platforms such as event apps. There are many benefits of using a registration and ticketing platform, but in order to leverage them, you need to find the most suitable and the right one. The above-mentioned are some important features that need to be looked at while choosing a platform.