Why is it worth using an American bong and which brands to choose?

Choosing an American bong supports the art of glassblowing in the USA. However, American-made glass should deserve more recognition, especially compared to other well-known glass manufacturers, because it offers high-quality features and innovations.

In addition to American-made bongs, another famous glass manufacturer is the Chinese. For this reason, they are often compared. Some people believe that American glass is better, others disagree.

Both American and Chinese glasses have almost the same quality when making glass tubes. They only differ in the quality of the glass itself.

Singing on a bong is a popular way to reduce the heat and particles inhaled when smoking marijuana. To learn more, check out these four pro tips for using a bong.

1. Getting to know your Bongo

Smoking a bong may seem complicated compared to smoking a pipe or joint. Eventually there are various parts and tubes sticking out of it. How confusing!

A bong looks a lot less alien when you know what the parts of a bong are called. Here’s a rundown of the parts of a bong, from top to bottom.

Do you know the difference between a vaporizer and a bong? Read on to learn the difference between vaporizers and bongs.

The bong mouthpiece is located at the top

The bong’s mouthpiece is located at the very top and leads directly into the chamber. The distance of the mouthpiece from the bowl affects whether the bong hit is less sharp.

Bong’s chamber

The main body of the bong is called the chamber. This is the part that you fill with water and where the smoke collects before inhaling. Water filters heat and particulates from smoke.

Some Bongos contain carbohydrates, others do not

The coal in a pipe or bong is a hole that is covered when you light the pipe. When you uncover the carbs and inhale, the smoke enters your lungs.

Bongs are usually carb-free because that’s what the bowl photo is for. If your bong is made of metal or ceramic, it may contain carbohydrates.

The bowl and the lower part of the bong

Similar to dry pipes, the part of the bong that holds the herbs is called the bowl. Sometimes it is also called a slide. The bong bowl is located in a hole in the chamber near the base of the bong, and smokers usually remove the bowl from the glass bong to pack it away.

The lower part of the bong is a small tube connecting the bowl to the chamber. It can usually be removed for cleaning. However, some hand-blown glass bongs for sale online. 

2. Filling the bong with water

Before using the bong, fill it with water through the mouthpiece. This water can be any temperature, although many people choose cold water and some add ice to cool the smoke before inhalation.

When filling your bong, make sure the water covers the hole at the bottom of the shaft but stops below the carburetor if your bong has one.

3. Packing a bowl and using a bong

Once your bong is filled with water, you can pack up the bowl and smoke. If your weed hasn’t been ground yet, grind some, then remove the bowl from the bong and fill it.

If the hole at the base seems quite large, use a small weed pipe mesh to block the hole before filling it with finer ground herb. Don’t place it over the edge of the bowl to avoid losing smoke, but pack it semi-tightly, but not so tightly that air cannot be drawn through.

4. Keeping your bong clean

To get the most out of your hookah, it’s important to keep it nice and clean. Smoking cannabis leaves sticky resin and ash on the walls of the pipe. Once it has accumulated enough, the resin makes it difficult for the smoke to be drawn through the pipe.

There are commercial products you can buy to clean your bong, but alcohol and salt work just as well. The bowl and shaft of your bong will require the most cleaning, but you should also clean the chamber from time to time.

Invest in cannabis for a good smoke

Most bongs are large enough that it’s worth investing in a set of cleaning brushes. While the average dry pipe can be dipped to clean it, the typical bong makes this inconvenient.

Please note that hemp resin is good for smoking and can be collected from bongs and pipes. This makes cleaning your bong more complicated, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can save money.