Treatment Options For Tricuspid Valve Problems

Seven out of ten heart failures are due to tricuspid valve disorder, now this problem generally arises when there is swelling or enlargement of the right ventricle, this valve is in a strategic position between the two ventricles of the heart. It is a flap-like valve which stops the backward flow of impure blood into the heart. When it does not completely stop the backward flow, the leakage increases the pressure on the heart causing it to beat at a higher rate which ultimately leads to high blood pressure further resulting in heart failure. Now the question arises is when to consult a doctor or exactly what the symptoms of this disease are. The patient may feel tired, increased body fatigue, have irregularities in the heart rate, excessive and abnormal pulsation in the neck, breathlessness within a few minutes of doing any physical activity. Regarding visiting a cardiologist, one should take a tour as soon as he observes the symptoms.


Studies reveal the fact that tricuspid valve regurgitation, numbers are quite big, around fifty to sixty per cent of adult youth is suffering from this heart condition, however, the deadliness of the same is measured by the swelling up of the heart,  more the swelling, more would be the backflow hence sewer the condition. Reasons for this heart condition could be anything, by birth the shape of a heart is not good, Genetic disorders, infective endocarditis aka the lining of the heart, trauma or chest injury. Recently one more reason has come to light the radiation therapy, the patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, have an increased rate of structured and heart conditions which can only be sorted out by performing surgery.


Tricuspid valve heart conditions do not always require treatment to be done, the treatment wholly depends upon how destructured your heart is, and the rate of backflow of blood. Minimal swelling or the early stages of this heart condition can be cured by exercise and medicine as prescribed by your cardiologist. Some of the exercises doctors often recommend are walking, and yoga. These two exercises help to regulate the blood pressure of the human body, and the medicines further resolve the proper flapping back of the valve. Now the word treatment does not always equates to surgery, the main purpose of the treatment is to reduce the symptoms so that you are able to perform your daily chores with ease, Further complications are to be prevented that as further swelling of the heart which significantly increases the chances of heart failure, this is the reason why the doctors often recommend to visit the cardiologist as soon as one discovers the symptoms, the sooner the better.

One need not worry about heart conditions as it is quite common in adults but they should be taken care of, as their symptoms limit the ability to perform, further this condition can also be developed at any stage of life one should maintain a healthy lifestyle, the regular junk eating is also a reason for the sudden splurge of this heart conditions among the youth.