The Only Guide to Understanding the Cost of MBBS in Bangladesh

Indians are known for their kindness, and pursuing a career in the medical field is quite a good option as it offers job security and a higher package salary. On the list of top countries to study mbbs, Bangladesh is one of the best choices one can consider for mbbs because majorly all the courses have a quality of education equivalent to any recognised university globally. It also offers education at a very affordable cost. Bangladesh is being chosen by many Indian and foreign students for several reasons, and to assess this, it is vital for students to understand about the cost of mbbs in Bangladesh. This guide will cover the costs as well as discuss why pursuing your medical career in Bangladesh could be a better decision. 

Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Here are some factors that make Bangladesh worth considering for mbbs studies.

  • Affordable Tuition Fees: As compared to other countries, the tuition fees of MBBS in Bangladesh are relatively low. Thus, the cost of mbbs in Bangladesh makes the country a good choice.
  • Quality Education: The curriculum of medical colleges in Bangladesh is based on the same system as other countries. If you compare it with international standards, they offer a standard level of education.
  • World-class Infrastructure: Equipped with advanced medical facilities and a well-stocked library.
  • Cultural and Geographical Proximity: Bangladesh, the blood brother of South Asia, is not only a culturally proximate region for students from South Asia, but it is also geographically reachable to those countries.
  • Global Recognition: All the courses of MBBS programs in Bangladesh are approved by necessary authorities like the Medical Council of India and WHO, which gives them international recognition.

Top Colleges to Study MBBS in Bangladesh With Fee Structure 

What are the Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required to Study MBBS in Bangladesh?

The eligibility criteria to study mbbs in Bangladesh do not require much, and some essential documents have been required to take admission in the top mbbs colleges in Bangladesh.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students must have passed class 12th, class 10+2 or HSC or equivalent. 
  • MBBS in Bangladesh requires a valid NEET score.

Documents Required:

  • Valid mark sheets of classes 10 and 12
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Bank Statement
  • NEET Scorecard
  • 5/6 passport-size photos
  • Medical Certificate

Complete Fee Structure in Detail

Below is the complete list of fee structures in detail for Bangladesh’s top 3 Mbbs colleges. 

1. Ad-Din Women’s Medical College: 

Admission Fee (This includes development, admission,
tuition, and session fees)
USD 39,000Rs 32,39,977
Before AdmissionUSD 5,000 Rs 4,15,381
At the time of admissionUSD 13,000Rs 10,79,992
Within 6 months after admissionUSD 5,000 Rs 4,15,381

(The fees mentioned in the table are subject to fluctuation.) 

2. Kumudini Women’s Medical College:

At the time of admissionUSD 12,500 Rs 10,38,454
1st installment USD 6,100 Rs 5,06,765
2nd installmentUSD 6,100Rs 5,06,765
3rd installmentUSD 6,100 Rs 5,06,765
4th installmentUSD 6,100Rs 5,06,765
5th installmentUSD 6,100Rs 5,06,765
Total FeesUSD 43,000Rs 35,72,279

(The fees mentioned in the table are subject to fluctuation.) 

3. Sylhet Women’s Medical College:

First-year MBBS seat bookingUSD 5,000Rs 4,15,381
At the time of admissionUSD 9,000Rs 7,47,687
Tuition fees for 5 yearsUSD 30,000Rs 24,92,290
Internship allowanceUSD 2,000Rs 1,66,152
Total MBBS fees in DollarsUSD 46,000Rs 38,21,512
Total MBBS fees in INRUSD 92,000Rs 34,50,000

(The fees mentioned in the table are subject to fluctuation.) 


These are the top 3 colleges that offer world-class mbbs education with top-notch facilities at affordable prices. Indian students who are willing to study mbbs from Bangladesh can focus on Kumudini Women’s Medical College, Ad-Din Women’s Medical College and Sylhet Women’s Medical College. Bangladesh can be the ideal destination for medical education due to the affordable fees and low cost of living while maintaining global teaching parameters.