Does Copa Airlines Have Assigned Seating?

Which would you prefer: extra legroom, the option of an airline or window seat, or the company of friends or family during your booking Copa flight Ticket? You can reserve seats in advance for you and others who are traveling on Copa Airlines.

 When you fly to your preferred location in an area of your choosing, take advantage of our Outstanding service.

How Copa Airlines assign the seat to the travelers?

Travelers on all Copa Airlines aircraft can use the advanced Copa seat assignment service. This is going to be provided:

In the “Book Your Trip” tab when you buy your ticket.

A maximum of 24 hours prior to departure, in “My Trips” on the website following the purchase.

Using the “Web Check-In” feature on website, starting one hour prior to departure and lasting for 24 hours.

It can be done either contacting marketing offices or giving Service Center a call.

In the event that a passenger chooses not to pick a seat while doing the “Web Check-In” procedure.

The airlines shall allocate a seat at random so that the process can proceed.

The following goods are eligible for the Budget Cabin’s advanced seat allocation support:

Business Extra Seats are situated at the entrance of the economical cabin.

Depending on the type of aircraft, give three inches more legroom than Regular Seats, a dedicated overhead bin, and a personal touch screen.

Compared to Normal Seats. 

Urgent Exit Seats provide up to 4 inches more legroom.

Comfortable seats in the front part of the cabin with a good placement.

Regular Seats: These provide up to 31″ of spaciousness and are arranged from the center to the rear of the main cabin.

When taking a pet on a trip?

Pet owners are not permitted to sit in rows 5 or in the Emergency Exit rows due to space constraints and security concerns.

The service for booking a seat in advance is free for:

All members who prefer Connect Miles.

Up to seven companions of the preferred traveler may designate their own seats at no additional cost.

Only partners who have identical Prefer booking are eligible for this.

Travelers with physical, motor, or limited mobility impairments, along with one companion.

Are able to reserve seats in advance at no cost.

 It can done through “My Trips” area, over the phone with the Reservation Center, at sales offices, or at the airport.

The passenger with a disability must be seated in the companion seat next to them.

Travelers who have support animals with them.

When checking in. Passengers under the age of 12 will be assigned (at no cost) a seat next to a parent, guardian, or other adult.

The quantity and availability of chairs at the point when they are bought determines how advanced seat assignments are done.

Depending on when and where you buy, there may be differences in cost for the early Copa seat assignment.

Each customer and flight segment will be billed separately. Sales taxes are included in the cost.

The amount paid is only good for the specific flight segment that was purchased.

 It is neither transferrable or refundable.

You will not be compensated if you choose to freely switch your advance seat allocation from one category to another.

Even if the new location is free or of lower value.


While booking the tickets the travelers do not need to choose the seat. Copa Airlines will assign them the seat in the airlines. The process of getting the free and the cheap seats in the Copa Airlines is explained in the blog.