Bruce Weber on Long Exposure Photos

To display motion blur and expert light trail, one needs to adhere to long exposure photo shots. Aspiring photographers may get a little baffled by the idea of taking Long exposure shots. However, if one takes a good look at the process of taking long-exposure shots, one will understand that long-exposure shots are not too critical to capture. One does not have to spend years mastering this skill. What one needs to make a long exposure shot look professional and polished enough to get a comfortable place in one’s portfolio, is a little tutorial. For this reason, aspiring photographers can seek guidance from veterans who are already in this profession.

Bruce Weber Speaks About Long Exposure Photos

Bruce Weber is a professional photographer with versatile talent. He gained fame from fashion photography. However, his career started with art photography. After getting started in art photography Bruce moved over to commercial photography which set the path of his career. Bruce is a versatile professional who possesses experience in basketball coaching as well. He coached the Kansas State basketball team for a while. Under his coaching and guidance, the state team succeeded in excelling. However, Bruce has decided to retire from basketball coaching and dedicate his time to photography only. 

Bruce is an expert at long-exposure photography. He has been taking long exposure shots since the beginning of his photography career. For this reason, he has succeeded in knowing long-exposure shots so well. Bruce says that with a little effort and time investment, one can master this particular shot. Therefore, aspiring photographers need to be fearful to try this out. When done right, long exposure shots can transform photography and make it look professional enough to get a few photography gigs. However, before getting ahead, it is essential to know what it means by a long exposure shot.

Long Exposure Shots Defined

This photography technique uses a slow camera shutter speed to take photos. A slow shutter speed helps light to flood over the camera lens. For this reason, when one uses this technique, one needs to slow down the shutter speed to capture the right moment, in the right tone and mood. Professionals allow the shutter to remain open for a while when using this technique. From landscape to portrait, this technique complements every type of photography.

Tips To Use Long Exposure Shots

An aspiring photographer may get confused about the right way to use this technique. However, one can master this with time and practice. Bruce gives a list of tips to follow to make long-exposure shots perfect.

Tripod Use

It is better to use a tripod when one is using a long exposure technique. At the initial stage, the biggest challenge lies in keeping the camera steady. To do this, one needs external help. Tripods allow photographers to keep their cameras steady when taking photos. 

Subjects With Motion

Bruce Weber encourages aspiring photographers to select subjects with motion when using the long exposure technique. Bruce says that based on the subject’s motion, one needs to set the shutter time to capture the shots.