5 Kids Party Ideas for Your Child’s Next Birthday Celebration

Children’s parties are always a hit especially if you have kids party entertainment organized by professionals, and the games that make the experience fun for everyone can’t be overlooked. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite kid-friendly party games, from traditional to more modern takes on classic favorites. Have your guests congregate around a game table or spread out over several chairs at your child’s birthday party to play these party games together. Even if you have a large group, it will be more fun if everyone sits down at the same table and plays the same games! Whether you’re hosting a child’s birthday party or looking for ideas for your next kids’ gathering, this list of 10 great children’s party games has something for everyone. Check it out and let us know what other party games you think we should add!

Connect Four

Connect four is a classic, which means it’s a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. For the young kids in your party, this is the perfect party game. Place two blue-connected cubes face-down on the table. Then, place two red-connected cubes next to them. Each guest will get two bonus connected cubes to stick on the others’ cubes if they need them. After that, everyone can connect their own cubes for a completely different color combination.


Battleship is a classic, and it still manages to be fun for children of all ages. This is another game that can be played with two players. Each player takes control of one of the two “battleships” on the board. In battle, the players try to control the other ship by connecting it to theirs with “barricades” – lines, towers, and other pieces. The first player to connect their ship to theirs wins the game.


Candyland is a classic, even kids party entertainment people love to facilitate it. This is a family game that is sure to please the entire group. Place one large map of the United States or some other country in the center of the table. Next, place ten smaller map board panels on the table, with one larger map panel in the middle. One player starts the game by placing a candy bar (or other food item of the guest’s choosing) in the center of the map panel on their left. That player then passes the map to their left to the next player, and so on, until all the candy bars have been passed around the table. Then, the player on the left of the map panel with the most candy bars wins the game.


Check out this classic chess game for the entire group. This classic strategy game is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser, and it’s easy to learn. Place a chess piece in the center of each of the eight adjacent map panels. Then, have each guest place a piece in the center of their map panel. Once the game is ready to go, the player who started the game has an advantage because they started the game in control. That player can take any action they want to win the game, including “checking” their opponent’s pieces.

Dexterity Games

Kids love to play with their hands, and there’s no better way to show off their motor skills than with dexterity games. Check out these popular games that have kids of all ages playing together. Mitts are a classic and can be used for many different games. When kids are young, they often want to try out new games, so mitts are a great way to get them moving and having fun at the same time. Throws Throws are another classic. Throws are generally better for older kids, because they’re used to bigger, more challenging game situations. Hangman’s Kids love to practice their language skills, so hangman is a great party game. There are many different types of hangman, but the basic idea is to have everyone sit in a circle with a hangman’s hand puppet for each person. This is a great way for kids to practice their vocabulary and language skills.